Hi I’m Otto, I’m Alex, I’m Tim & we’re sleepmakeswaves.

A lot’s happened since our last release. It’s a crazier, darker world… it’s warmer, some of it’s on fire, and everyone’s been busy.

Busy with just keeping on… in a time defined by corporate power and the relentless monetisation of every aspect of life.

Seems obvious to say, but it bears repeating because bands appear frozen in time, frozen in the form of their records… or play lists…

We’re different now & we’ve got more going on personally & collectively than the freewheeling road dogging band we were in the past.

It’s damn hard keeping the artist ship afloat, when being an artist doesn’t mean what it used to.

And we know we’re rubbish on social media, but we’ve been keeping our heads down and working hard on new material. It’s taking shape.

Songs are written, and it’s now time to make some announcements… to put it simply: sleepmakeswaves are back.

We’ve made adjustments, we’ve modified our touring, and we’ve learned over the years from some wonderful producers… so we’ve moved into a self-sufficient creative production process.

Everything you’ll hear soon will have been written, recorded, mixed and produced by the band.

Every song has been an experiment in how far we can push ourselves creatively and sonically… because what else is there?

There’s so much going on all the time, why do people need more?

We’ve set ourselves the challenge of answering that question every day we’ve worked on our material.

And we wanted to work harder than ever to justify it in an age of limitless novelty.

With all that said, we’re thrilled to announce we’re releasing a trilogy of 3 unique EPs this year.

Each will convey something specific about where we’ve headed artistically over the last two years.

When we created this collection of songs, rather than jam them all together, we wanted to highlight how each of them fit together in a unique way

So these records will be released with special packaging and art, designed by our long time friend and collaborator James Stuart.

The EPs will be available as separate vinyl records for collectors, and as a full-length CD for those of you who enjoy the smooth sounds of the compact disc.

We’re producing all of these as a one-time limited edition release & we’re happy to be using recycled materials to produce these physical products wherever possible, as well as offsetting the carbon footprint for the other merch packages available from our website.

It’s been a long time coming. If you’re still here, we hope you understand how grateful we are to have your support after all these years. We’re proud and excited to share this with you, and we want to thank our dear friend and manager Mike for sticking with us to see this through. That’s it from us.

More news soon. hoo roo.

LISTEN: “Cascades” will premiere on triple j this Thursday 23 Jan between 9pm-10pm AEDT / 10am-11am GMT / 2pm-3pm PT – tune in to Home & Hosed on triple j on your radio or at www.abc.net.au/triplej/programs/home-and-hosed/

PRE-ORDER: www.sleepmakeswaves.bandcamp.com