Hello everyone,

We are announcing today that Kid is leaving sleepmakeswaves. This is not an easy decision for any of us, but it’s one made with no bad blood. Here are, in his own words, his reasons for stepping aside:

It is with a heavy heart I am announcing my departure from sleepmakeswaves.

Over the past 9 years I have seen a little obscure garage band from the suburbs of Sydney grow from its earliest conception into the powerful statement it is today. It has been an absolute honour to share so many incredible experiences and opportunities with you all and those who have worked closely with the band over the years. I am eternally grateful and proud of what has been achieved personally and collectively through the lifetime of the band.

To anyone concerned, there was no falling out. There was no fight. This decision has all been totally amicable and we are all still a happy family and close friends. I’m simply moving on with the next stage of my life and I feel it is now the best time for someone with the right amount of energy and passion to step in and take my place.

To my brothers Alex, Otto and Tim, past members Tom and Will and our core team Mike and Brett. Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with me. I will always have fond memories of all the great things we accomplished together at every corner of the world and will look on proudly at all the achievements that are still to come for sleepmakeswaves. It has been a wild ride and an amazing story I will hold close to my heart forever.

Lastly to all the fans, all the bands we have shared stages with or been on tour with, all the promoters, venues, booking agents, drivers, managers, crew members, techs, labels, guides and mentors. It has been awesome meeting and working with you all and hearing your stories. Continue to support this awesome band as they would not be on stages across the world without your continued passion for their music.

My last two shows performing with sleepmakeswaves will be at the Bird’s Robe Records birthday party at Manning Bar on Sat 5th December 2015 and Festival Of The Sun at Port Macquarie on Fri 11th December 2015.


So it’s hard to know where to start, but one thing is for sure: nothing that sleepmakeswaves is today would have been possible without Kid.

You guys would know him as the guy on stage right, going hard every night and screaming his lungs out at whoever happens to be in the front row during ‘Limbs’. But Kid was also much more. He was also the friendly dude that turned up to our jam room at the end of 2006, armed with the signature riff that would become ‘One Day’. Baritone guitar in hand and POG at his feet, he made sure that huge low-end and a certain kind of darkness were always part of the sleepmakeswaves mix.

He was the guy who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that the band machine was well-oiled and roadworthy. No other member has done more to change us from a bunch of post-rock dreamers into something that can tour, record and stay afloat in the process.

sleepmakeswaves has always had Kid there. It’s gonna be strange and sad to not have him with us, but it’s good to know that he’s got our back as we head into the unknown. We’re going to be looking for another guitarist to continue to tour and make records with us. No doubt they’ll have some big shoes to fill. Because even when he’s no longer here, this will still be Kid’s band as much as anyone’s.

Love you mate. What an amazing nine years.