Hello everyone. Like many of you, we’re devastated to witness the amount of suffering inflicted on people, homes and the natural environment over the last few months. Australia will continue to endure serious bushfires in the coming months and years. We are donating both as a band and individuals to the NSW Rural Fire Service and to WIRES. If you also want to make a donation (from anywhere on the globe) to these or other important services, please do so at the link below. Additionally, any purchases of sleepmakeswaves merch or music made this week will be donated in full to these services.

Our hearts break for those who have lost loved ones, homes and communities. We also want to state our solidarity with the climate movement around the world. We support the scientific consensus and action that aims to reduce the damage caused by a warming world in the years to come. We also encourage our fans to speak reasonably and rationally with anyone who remains a sceptic.